MULTIEPOSTER Onsite Display & Oral ePoster Sessions

Oral ePoster Sessions

Our Oral ePoster Sessions display allows presenters to reach a much larger audience thanks to the Auto Zoom feature. Our application features a special “Session Lock” menu item per station to browse and present specific ePosters assigned to a session. We enable the complete pre-management of well organized Oral ePoster sessions at meetings.

At MULTIEPOSTER, we offer much more than an efficient replacement technology to conventional Paper Posters. We have brought to the conference world multiple ways to drastically increase the level of scientific exchanges with Scientific Posters.


Digital Display of ePosters on TouchScreens

Onsite Display of ePosters on Touchscreens is very simple and intuitive to use. Users can easily read ePoster content by using our unique Auto-Zoom feature. Each ePoster is presented with a unique QR code which provides a direct link to the online and mobile version of the ePoster.

Statistical Reports on activity are compiled at the end of the conference to measure the activity per station per congress day. Online & mobile activity is compiled seamlessly and provided on a monthly basis to our clients.

Please take a moment to watch our instructional video for Poster presenters and Moderators here.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly platform
  • Easy installation on Plasma Screens
  • Live synchronization with ePoster database
  • Listing by Topics, Authors and Abstract Numbers
  • Daily statistical report available for each ePoster station
  • QR codes on all ePosters to bookmark and review ePosters online